Fix the Backups That FAIL !!
Fix the High CPU PROBLEM too !! 
  • Does the above look familiar when you try to backup/sync your iPhone or Apple device?
  • iTunes Backups Stall, take forever and fail (sync does too, "step 2 of 7" and never completes!)
  • AppleMobileDeviceService.exe takes 50% of the CPU or 100% !
  • Tired of nobody being able to help you with this problem?

  • Obviously if you have landed on this page it's because this problem has been driving you CRAZY like it  did to me!

  • Perhaps it's because you know the importance of having iTunes backups and iCloud backups?

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  • You want to be able to backup and syc your iPhone/iPad regularly without having to mess with "netsh winsock reset" or stop AppleMobileDeviceService.exe from the Task Manager just to be able to get through your day (these are the "known Temporary Fixes on the internet") !!

  • What if I were to tell you that there is a permanent solution to your problem and the solution is just a click away?

  • I don't mean to put it to you this way but the honest truth is that it was not easy to find the solution to the iTunes problem not even as a Systems Engineer!

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  • After endless hours of researching on the internet I FOUND these "Temporary Known FIXES" just like you did, go ahead and try them out below!!  However, if they absolutely don't work out for you, you'll need get the PERMANENT FIX at the end of this page for a DEFINITE SOLUTION !!

Temporary Known Solutions

A. The hard drive space in your computer may be running out of space.

    1.  Make sure you have enough hard drive space in your computer.  Usually you need at least 8GB but it depends on how big you iTunes files are.

B. USB Cable

   1. Make sure the problem is not your cable by trying a different cable.  You may purchase another cable or go to the apple store and borrow one and test there.

C.  USB Ports

   1.  Make sure the problem is not with your USB ports by trying different ports.  You may want to try out the "2.0" speed port!

D.  Uninstalling & Reinstalling iTunes

  1. Follow the easy directions on how to accomplish this here:

                    Windows XP:

                   Windows Vista and WIN7:

E. netsh winsock reset command solution

  1. Even though this fix is not recommended as it can break other TCP/IP based applications it has worked for some users.

  2. Follow the easy directions on how to accomplish this in this youtube video:


F. Kill the process via Task Manager.

   1. Open Task Manager (CTL-ALT-Delete) -> Start Task Manager

   2. Under the “Process” tab find AppleMobileDeviceService.exe

   3. Right click on the process and select “end process”.

   4. This will end the high CPU issue but your iTunes will not work anymore and will not get to the root of the problem. This is just a temporary fix.

  • The above solutions did not work for me as they turned out to be only "Temporary FIXES" , the problem always returned !!
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